Around the web 05/10/2013

So I’m back at uni now…. reading Theology and Media, so hopefully that’s more of an excuse to ensure I keep updating the blog. (I know I’ll just get slack so might make this a weekly feature haha).

Here’s this week’s Around the web, with Catholic highlights from the web:

1) Diary of a Catholic theology student

I love this blog (though this now does mean that fellow writer on here, Charles Archer is now not the only Catholic uni student to think of such a blog). It’s written by Becca from St Mary’s University College, regarded as the UK’s top Catholic university. I like to think I have a connection to there because I have a few friends who go there, and my former Philosophy teacher is now working there. Moreover, I nearly went there (but decided on Liverpool Hope Uni).

It’s so simple yet effective (something I have yet to learn (took me a day to design our new header)). She really knows her theology, and has the time to blog and keep up-to-date with Catholic news. I thought for Catholic Theology Students or even CathSoc members would like to read this! Check it out for yourself!


As much as I’m looking forward to Krakow, I was hoping that World Youth Day would be in London. I suppose going to Krakow I’ll strengthen my devotions more to the soon-to-be saint, Blessed Pope John Paul II. This is the revised petition to get WYD to London.


The Jesuits have produced this resource for busy Catholics commuting. It’s called pray as you go. you can download it as an MP3 or straight onto your iTunes.


I’m writing an article ATM on angels since Tuesday was the feast  of the Holy Guardian Angels.

5) Pope Bearadict?

A little more light hearted one to finish this week’s highlights. I was talking in our uni chaplaincy, jokingly we should get a chaplaincy teddy bear…… I stumbled upon this!


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