So I moved to university

Good Afternoon everyone, I suppose I’m going to be a little less formal than the other incredible bloggers on here. I’ll give you a little history of me, briefly, don’t worry I’ll try not to babble on too much.

My names Charles, I’m 19, I come from Rutland and have finally managed to get to the University of Chester, where I am currently studying Geography and drinking, of course, don’t tell my Mother that!  I’ve been living in Halls for two weeks now and am yet to find the local church, Saint Werburgh’s!  Fortunately, 100 years or so ago our Anglican brothers built a ‘Houses of Parliament’ looking chapel, for themselves originally, but now on a Monday at 1:05 us Catholics can celebrate Mass, so if any Chester University students happen to be reading this come along!  Fr. Peter Shaw is quite the interesting man and is ever welcoming of us ‘little first years’.

Anyway that’s enough about my current life, Dan’s asked me to write about what it’s like being a Catholic  at university and more importantly, in an ever changing, increasingly secular world. I feel like I need to make two points concerning what it’s like being a Catholic at university.

The first is we are completely different to everyone else.                                                                                                                                                                          The second is we are exactly the same as everyone else.
Two contradicting points I know, but I think rather true, I mean we go to Mass, we celebrate life through thanking God and then we pray, and we don’t just pray at Mass, we pray at night!  And we pray before meals!  Ever difficult in a room full of strangers so prayers in the head are easier, and I know Dan will moan because we should all be evangelising and so, once a week, I will pray before a meal with my friends, and that is my challenge to you this week readers, say a prayer before dinner, thank The Lord  for what he has provided and the people who have created the little feast you will enjoy.

Sorry I wandered a little there.  My second point is our likeness to everyone else, we are normal people after all, we live our lives day by day, we watch films like everyone else, we read, we study, we drink! I’m always surprised when someone from outside the church sees me with a beer and asks if I’m allowed to drink! My reply is always that the Catholic Church encourages it! After all can you name a priest that doesn’t like a tipple or two?!

Hopefully this article hasn’t been too heavy, I’ll let you all know how my church hunting and prayers with the university gang go.

I wish you all a pleasant week and enjoy what’s left of Sunday.


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